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BixB Coins Wallet

BixB‘s Ecosystem

Use, spend, buy and sell your BixB coins.
One of our missions is to build a complete ecosytem consisting of service, shop, exchange, third party integration and partnership for the BixB coin.
We will stay focused on this goal and aim to achieve it soon. Be sure to visit this website to be kept up-to date.

  • Send or receive (BixB coins) or mine and earn a passive income while sleeping, doing sports, at work, anytime, anywhere with the Windows 32 App, Windows 64 App, iOS App, Android App, Linux App, MacOS App and/or Web Wallet.
  • is a powerful online banking platform that has a collaboration with visa card®.
  • There are only 3 million BixB coins in the world. You will be able to mine BixB coins with the same probability of a mining reward as every other miner, making BixB a uniquely egalitarian currency.
  • The BixB blockchain is capable of handling higher transaction volume than its counterpart – Bitcoin. Due to more frequent block generation, the network supports more transactions without a need to modify the software in the future.
  • Users can explore a wide variety of data, such as the state of a transaction, transaction histories, balances of addresses, the blockchain’s hash rate, and the rate of transaction growth.
BixB wallet
BixB Wallet

Loanypto Benefits

– No Credit Checks

Everyone who has BixB coins is creditworthy in our eyes. This means that we neither need to carry out credit checks nor require your banking information.

– Retain Your BixB Coins

Whoever said that you had to choose between liquidating your crypto assets or funding for essential expenses? Loanypto makes it possible for you to both keep your BixB coins and acquire a loan.

– Securely Stored Collateral

You can view the BixB coins that we take as collateral, through your wallet and through the BixB explorer.

– Simplified Payment Method

Our method of payment is fairly simple as we give out loans and accept collaterals only in the form of BixB coins.

loanypto wallet
Loanypto wallet

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